kobelco sk210

  • Used Construction Machinery Excavators Kobelco SK210

    Used Construction Machinery Excavators Kobelco SK210

    Japan brand excavators Kobelco SK210 is a classic model with relatively stable performance in the product line. It has strong walking traction, no matter whether it is a ramp or a pothole road, it does not need to slow down and move smoothly and steer freely. Kobelco SK210 adopts colorful, realistic graphics, easy-to-identify LCD color multi-function display, which can display various mechanical information such as fuel consumption, maintenance and so on. Kobelco SK210 cab area is increased by 4% compared with the original model, realizing a spacious driving space and comfortable operation. The airtightness is 3.7 times higher than that of the original model to prevent dust from entering the cab.

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