• Used Howo Trucks Tractor Units
  • Used Howo Trucks Tractor Units
  • Used Howo Trucks Tractor Units
Used Howo Trucks Tractor Units
  • OP-used
  • Shandong
  • 15 days
  • 150 sets

Sinotruk used trucks tractor units:The model date is 2013,2014,2015,2016 year.Our Used Howo tractor have been exported to many countries and are becoming more popular and very popular.We have our own refurbished factory, which can be refurbished the used tractor units according to customer requirements.
For example:The interior of the engine is completely refurbished; the gearbox will be removed for maintenance and some parts of it will be replaced by new ones;the frame and rear axle are refurbished; the tires are brand new; the rest of the accessories are brand new (including screws); the cab is brand new.We also have our own professional engineers to create the most satisfactory used howo tractor for you.

Our used trucks tractor units are available for customers to choose from.Firstly,we have 336HP to 420HP for you to choose from.You can choose to use the most suitable horsepower in your country, we can renovate according to your requirements.

used tractor units

Secondly,The present running mileage of this used howo tractor 50,000 to 70,000 kilometers.Generally speaking,these trucks can work 8 years more in the future.The final service life will depend on road conditions and the maintenance.

used howo tractor

FinallyWe have 4*4, 6*4, 8*4 models for you to choose from. According to the goods you transport, the tons of loading and the height of the cabinet, we can design for you.As long as it is requested by the customer, we will do our best to design for the customer, if we cant do it, we cant think of it.Customer satisfaction is our greatest aim.

used trucks tractor units

Our used tractor units use the original engine of China SINOTRUK Truck.It is the European standard 2 allowed by the state, and there are also engines of the national standard for you to choose. The quality of used trucks tractor units has been professionally tested. It has a professional certification report and is a national professional certification.Our company pays attention to every detail, our goal is to be the most satisfied used HOWO tractor of the customer, let the used trucks tractor units to maximize the practical functions of the customer.

used tractor units

Our factory has its own professional after-sales service system. If there are problems with some accessories during the use of the used tractor units, we can replace the new accessories for customers free of charge, so that the customers can use the peace of mind, rest assured, no worries.

Used trucks tractor units:Truck model is ZZ4255N3245C1.

Made in 2014 to 2017 year.

The price is much cheaper than the new tractor head.

The number of kilometers traveled is 50,000 km to 80,000 km. 

Exchange new cabs, engines, etc. 

used howo tractor

Engine is a newly designed SINOTRUK truck D12 WD615 etc series with a power range of 340~460ps.It can meet more than 1 million kilometers of travel.Engine is a newly designed SINOTRUK truck D12 WD615 etc series with a power range of 340~460ps. We will change old Motor oil to new and Gear Oil, we can promise the good quality for Engine.

used trucks tractor units

About Tyre,we choose 80% percent new 12R22.5 or 12.00R20,or you can choose new tyre.The replacement cab is designed to meet the comfort requirements of the customer's operating conditions. The pedal-type locking steering wheel can adjust the height and angle of the omnidirectional according to the driver's manipulation habits and body.

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